Diving map

Since the 1 of January 2000 a natural sanctiory was created (Parque Natural) a protected area where diving and fishing with anchors is not permited you must be a registered dive center to own one of the many yellow bouys at the different dive spots in Cap Creus natural park. In total Dive store.es owns bouys and register anchor spots in over 20 different top scuba diving locations. Between Roses and Cadaques. Then past Cadaques in the more remote areas we own about 10 bouys aswell. To protect the enviroment it is strictly forbidden to dive from a privately owned dive vessel. To stop destruction of the reefs by anchors.

There is something for everyone at our diverse dive sites be it a wall dive , reef dive or a cave dive. We also offer a professional guide upon request. So come and discover with us Moray eels, octopuses, Seahorses, nudibranchs , Lobsters and lots more.

Dive Computers and Torches are available for rent.

Cap Norfeo